Software for Windows 10 64/32 bit

  • WinRARWinRAR

    Configures, archives and unzip files. A simple interface makes browsing files convenient, has advanced tools for extracting objects to disk.

  • DAEMON Tools LiteDAEMON Tools Lite

    Free program on a PC that works with disk images. Allows you to set the mount parameters, copying, saving important material.

  • SkypeSkype

    Suitable for any device that allows you to connect several people in a chat or in a video conference mode. Sends audio, video, establishes video communication, provides the ability to communicate through messages.

  • Media Player ClassicMedia Player Classic

    Plays high quality video in any format. The player plays movies with a good bitrate, sets up automatic launch of media, shows subtitles.

  • Kaspersky Total SecurityKaspersky Total Security

    Application fights malicious software, quickly removes viruses. Organizes a demonstration of a list of suspicious objects, scans individual folders.

  • Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop

    Has a wide range of working tools for photo processing, image conversion. Editing passes through additional functions, shows a good result.


    The product shows the list of installed equipment on the PC. Easy to use, helps you quickly view the information you need, provides the official resource of the company to solve any technical issue.


    The utility demonstrates the version of the software installation package, offers to view the support of official drivers, pays attention to the temperature of the equipment, indicates the device's malfunction.

  • TeamViewerTeamViewer

    Client helps you remotely manage other devices. Everyone can view notes in notes and notepad, launch media, edit pages and text documents.

  • BlueStacksBlueStacks

    Emulator operating system of mobile phones on PC. Changing the source code helps to launch mobile software on a large screen, has a huge number of additional functions and plug-ins.

  • Adobe AcrobatAdobe Acrobat

    Viewer and page editor with pdf format. Allows the user to easily open e-books, magazines, brochures with a well-known extension, provides a convenient page turning.

  • LibreOfficeLibreOffice

    Allows you to edit text documents, emails, tables, created sites. Provides a huge set of office software, has open source code.

  • CyberLink YouCamCyberLink YouCam

    With this program, users can create conferences and online chats. In the process of video communication, you can add special visual effects, when sending messages, send media files and smilies.


    A simple well-known chat for a modern operating system on laptops, PCs and smartphones. Creating group chats, instant messaging, choosing an avatar is the advantage of this client.

  • AvastAvast

    Antivirus keeps a permanent scan of the system for the presence of malicious files, installers. Offers trial and full version of the program, sends objects to quarantine, heals important ones and removes unnecessary media files.


    Reliable antivirus equipment for new systems, which constantly monitors the penetration of dangerous objects on the computer, sends notification of infection of disks, conducts rapid formatting of volumes.


    Powerful antivirus software with proactive protection for your computer. It monitors activities on the network, blocks access to harmful and suspicious resources, adds folders to exceptions.

  • KMPlayerKMPlayer

    A popular video player that uses its own codecs for high-quality playback of streaming or simple video recordings. Offers the setting of subtitles, visual effects, network resources.

  • CCleanerCCleaner

    Utility deals with cleaning hard disk partitions from accumulated garbage, empty folders, malicious objects, installations, remote programs. Has a manual and automatic way of scanning and cleaning.

  • ViberViber

    Known application for various platforms, gives the opportunity to communicate in chats through phone numbers. The messenger allows you to send text messages, share media, send stickers, smileys, make calls.

  • NeroNero

    A set of software for configuring and burning discs on a PC. It helps to add several folders to removable media, shows the exact size of DVD, CD, adjusts the necessary recording parameters.

  • PicasaPicasa

    Works with digital images, converts images to other formats, creates collages and slideshows. Conversion takes place thanks to a modern powerful engine.

  • CorelDRAWCorelDRAW

    A useful product for creating and editing digital drawings. It makes it possible to draw a high-quality emblem, postcard or cap for websites, change the design of available resources.

  • IZArcIZArc

    A media editor on a personal computer that supports several types of compression and archiving of information. Removes folders and media objects to external devices, internal hard drives.

  • BandicamBandicam

    The client allows you to configure and run a live video broadcast with a screen demonstration. Records video of various quality, exports video files to various sites.

  • VLC Media PlayerVLC Media Player

    The video player works with different media formats. Provides the ability to view streaming video and broadcasts through the browser, does not have large system and network requirements.

  • ArtweaverArtweaver

    Raster graphic photo editor. Configures all drawing tools, changes the finished drawings, opens a lot of templates for editing.

  • Pinnacle StudioPinnacle Studio

    A product for extensive video editing and setting up all media playback options. The video converter adds effects, subtitles, glues rollers, divides frames, converts formats.


    The working platform with raster graphics creates, modifies, copies vector drawings. Has a huge number of working tools and functions for processing files.

  • VirtualDubVirtualDub

    Free utility, an exciting video stream of high quality. It performs quality editing, editing and processing of stored objects.

  • TeamSpeakTeamSpeak

    Has modern technology and a powerful engine for voice communication, and communication on the network. Configures equipment (microphone, speakers, headphones) for silent sound and eliminates connection errors.

  • Adblock PlusAdblock Plus

    A browser add-on that removes ads, banners and pop-ups with messages on network pages. It offers to choose the degree of cleaning zabamlennosti on sites.

  • uTorrentuTorrent

    Client for downloading media files, software and games from the Internet. Distribution and downloading is due to the connection and sharing, you can select the folder to save.

  • Wise Care 365Wise Care 365

    A set of programs that optimize all the equipment of a personal computer. They improve system performance, test the processor, hard disk, clean the registry and configure access.

  • DjVu ReaderDjVu Reader

    A program for creating and editing media files with the djvu extension. It manages pages of e-books and allows you to change documents with additional tools.

  • mp3DirectCutmp3DirectCut

    Edits music files, cuts songs, selects ringtones and adds sound effects to existing objects on the device. It changes the bitrate, improves the quality, speeds up playback.


    A popular audio player for the computer that supports all common formats. Allows you to create playlists, has flexible settings, differs by the presence of a built-in converter and recorder.

  • WhatsAppWhatsApp

    A desktop version of instant messaging that allows you to exchange instant messages, make voice and video calls. Provides the ability to send photos, video, audio files, documents.

  • CPU-ControlCPU-Control

    Compact utility for monitoring, fine-tuning and optimizing the hardware installed in the computer. Works with multi-core processors, RAM, video cards, allows to increase their performance.

The software is designed for the newest operating system. It is fully optimized and suitable for launching on any devices, allows you to improve the work of the most necessary parts, work and rest. Safe download and install trial or full version free software for Windows 10 (32/64 bit) from official site.