Archivers for Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

  • WinRARWinRAR

    The archiver for the personal computer works with all file formats, performs fast unpacking and archiving of objects, will allow to add to the image any number of elements.

  • WinZipWinZip

    A tool for reducing the size of most media file extensions, applies passwords to encrypt important information, quickly runs from the command line or from a conductor.

  • 7-Zip7-Zip

    A tool for compressing any type of objects on a laptop, extracting information at an excellent speed, opening folders of any complexity, viewing virtual images, unpacking settings.

  • Hamster Free ZIP ArchiverHamster Free ZIP Archiver

    Simple tool for archiving material, providing several algorithms for extracting media files, encrypting records and pages, restoring corrupted images.

  • BandizipBandizip

    Free program helps in creating archives, packing large folders, checking and eliminating errors in the processes of burning and retrieving material, setting up a disc for recording information.

  • PeaZipPeaZip

    The application for the computer completely archives or extracts media files using the modern engine. It is released for a well-known operating system, offers background information.

  • IZArcIZArc

    Soft can help in archiving any file formats, extracting and encrypting folders, speeding up the archiving process, configuring system elements, checking security and integrity of multimedia.

  • HaoZipHaoZip

    The software platform can quickly archive folders, extract necessary documents without damage to their integrity, check the security of files.

  • WinAceWinAce

    Utility for fast, accurate, high-quality archiving of any amount of material. Works with a huge number of extensions, improves the quality of reading information, provides additional functions.

  • Universal ExtractorUniversal Extractor

    A program that can extract data from archives of any type and compression ratio. Can unpack executable EXE files and Windows Installer packages, distributed without viruses.

  • jZipjZip

    Free application for working with data packaged in RAR, ZIP, GZIP, ARJ. With it, you can archive several documents, reduce the amount of large files, compress with a high degree of compression.

The software makes it possible to unpack, pack media files on a personal computer, encrypt important elements to preserve security. It regularly receives fresh updates with additional working tools. Download and install full version one of the Archivers for Windows 10 (32/64 bit).